Western Australia Tours

Lets Explore the West Coast! Join us as we snorkel on beautiful beaches, befriend wild animals, camp under the stars, eat delicious food and experience Australia's outback.

Western Australia is a vast wildnerness which very few travellers visit. Covering an area of 2.5million kilometres, the state is home so some of the greatest beaches in Australia, untouched marine life and some of the most geographically fascinating landscapes in the world.

In Western Australia, there are more than 70 national parks and marine parks, and countless State forest recreation sites, covering an area of more than 20 million hectares. The vast majority of parks and recreation sites have picnic areas, walk trails or other attractions, as well as basic facilities such as water and toilets.

Western Australia's history dates back more than 40,000 years with a rich Aboriginal history, making it one of the oldest lands on Earth. Australian Aboriginals lived a nomadic existence, moving within fairly well-defined geographic regions, as they followed the seasons and food sources.

It wasnt until the 1500's that WA saw European explorers and while it is widely believed that Portuguese sailors plied the waters during this time, the first recorded European visitors in Western Australia's history were the Dutch in the 1600s. 

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