Exploring the right way

From humble beginnings in a small camping office in Darwin, Lost In Australia has grown into one of Australia’s best adventure travel agents, covering all destinations and helping thousands of travellers explore our amazing country.

Travel and exploration has always been in our blood; Ever since founder Michael Morgan helped clean the trucks used in his parents camping business back in the late 1980s. This love of travel and the Australian outback has seen Lost In Australia’s focus grow from camping tours in North Australia to virtually covering the entire country.

Much like the small family camping tour, Michael’s parents use to run, Lost In Australia focuses primarily on finding similar small, grass-root, locally owned tour businesses that offer the most authentic experiences to travellers.

Our Values


If you have ever met our team, there is one undeniable fact - we love travel and the important work we do. This love and dedication is a requirement for the entire team.


It’s difficult for people to research and understand a country by themselves, so its our job to teach people about all the options they have and figure out what they want to do.


We are not just here to make a profit. We want to make the world a better place at the same time. So as well as helping travellers get the most of their adventure we also donate to worthy causes and charities.

Customer Service

Without our loyal customers we would not be able work in this industry. And so for us, the customer is our utmost priority. THey are the lifeblood of our endevour. 

Australia’s Best Adventures

Over 200 different tours, carefuly researched and curated.

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