Here’s whats been brewin’

Greatly exceeded expectations!!!

To be honest I have never wrote a review on this before, but felt compelled due to the mixed reviews for this tour. Also, i know how difficult it can be determining which tour company to go with. This was the first time my partner and I had visited the island so we wanted to make it a positive first trip. Confused by the logistics of the tag along tours and the fear of smashing up one the 4x4's with bad driving we opted for this tour. We were apprehensive if this was the correct option for us. We went on the 2 day Fraser island tour with Steve as our guide. Steve could be added to the must see attractions of Fraser Island! He was amazing throughout the two days; purposely making an effort to involve everyone in tour and on a level they were comfortable with. Steve was keen to make sure everyone had a great two days and is a fountain of knowledge. He clearly loves the island and his job. Anyway, the first day we were transported from our hotel in Hervey Bay to get a ferry to Fraser Island. The ferry took around 45 minutes and look out for Flinders the cat. Once on the island we met Steve and he took us to Lake Mckenzie by 4x4 bus. The tour was a a mix of all age groups and nationalities. The first section of the journey can be really bumpy and takes a while to adjust to. At this point we were doubting we made the right choice of tour. However, once at Lake Mckenzie it was worth the initial bumpy journey. We spent over an hour and half at this location, which was ample time. Obviously all the locations at Fraser Island you could spend all day at them, but limited to two days it seemed a reasonable amount of time. This was followed by a trip to Central Station and a walk along Wanggoolba Creek. This walk is beautiful. Then back to Eurong Resort for buffet lunch. Being vegetarian we were pleasantly surprised with all the options such as range of pasta and falafel. However, we were rest assured from the others on the tour that the meat options were also of good standard. Then the tour proceeded to Lake Wabby. The walk to this location can be tough due to the heat on the day and the sand throughout the track. Takes about 45 minutes. We spent over an hour and a half at lake Wabby, which was amazing. Once walking back to the 4x4 bus we went back to the resort for check in and dinner, which again was a buffet of different good standard food. The room was a bit rundown, but manageable for a night. The resort offers a bar and swimming pool to chill by at night. Steve was about for the guests on the tour at night to answer any questions and to socialise. On the second day a buffet breakfast is offered of cold and hot food. Second day itinerary includes Champagne Pools, Indian Head, Pinnacle Coloured Sands, Maheno shipwreck, Seventy-Five Mile Beach. All locations felt like a sufficient amount of time to enjoy and at no point rushed. I am emphasising the time duration as i am aware some previous reviewers i read prior to the tour felt time was restricted or wasted. I can assure you the two day tour is not rushed at locations, well what i experienced anyway. A packed lunch and a morning tea is provided on the second day. Also on the second day there is an option to enjoy AirFraser 15minute flight, which is totally worth it. It only costs $80 each and get to experience the beauty of Fraser Island from above and potentially see some sea life. In summary : Fraser Island Explorer 2 day tour= great Steve = Privilege to get such a great guide Accommodation= Rundown, but ok for the night Food= Much improved on the option on previous tours in Australia This tour is definite value for money and I hope this makes everyone's choice easier in which tour to select as it can be troublesome to say the least. I can't speak about how good the other tours on offer are, but I would whole heartedly recommend this for first timers wanting to see an abundance of sights on the island.