Here’s whats been brewin’

Great trip, only a few problems

I had a great time in Tasmania from 19th and 25th of December in 2017. It was Ultimate 8 in Extended Tours. I also know that the tour was operated by Under Down Under tours. The tour office workers were very kind to me whenever I had some enquiries. I am satisfied with their service. DAY 1(19/12/2017) & DAY 2(20/12/2017): Tour guide was Jacob. He has a cheery remark, smile and wave. It was a good time with him at MT Wellington. DAY 3 to DAY 7 (5DAYS:21-25/12/2017): Tour guide was Heath. He also has a cheery remark, smile and wave. Additionally, he is really really kind to everyone. And he was a best tourist guide and a hard-working person in my life. We did hug and break up at the end of the tour. The 5days of Tasmania tour service was very nice and impressive by him. I want Heath to know that I really appreciate this. DAY 8 (26/12/2017): I am sorry about that I am writing to complain about tour service. The tour guide was Alex. His tone of voice was calm. I was just wondering he was sick at that day. Alex had delivered two cheese boxes to Cape Bruny Lighthouse. The boxes were for tasting cheese only. I am sorry about that I did not visit any cheese café. We could not visit any Oyster restaurant. He showed me that Get Shucked Oysters closed only. He looked into the window. I guess that he did not know there was not opened at BOXING DAY. We visited a chocolate shop. Another tour guide did chocolate tasting show. I was just wishing to hear about any chocolate story from anyone. But I could not watch the show at all. Because Alex said to me that I needed to leave. Someone in tour group said that he did not do anything in Bruny Island. Some people heard about his dissatisfaction words on the tour bus. And we also could not enjoy buying any cheese, wine or Oyster in Bruny Island. We bought only some honey in the island. In fact, I expected to buy some of Bruny Island Premium Wines on that day if the day tour has the winery visiting. Because there is open 7 days as internet website and the tour information website mentioned delicious local produce for the day tour. I checked that many internet reviews before the tour. The reviews said that Bruny Island was good by day tour. That’s why I asked my mate to join the tour together. Finally, she felt that she was not happy in the Bruny Island. Overall I felt the Bruny Island was boring to me after the day tour. Unfortunately, I am sorry to say that the Bruny Island tour was partly disappointed. If I could have visited any cheese café or winery instead of the closed Oyster bar, I would have said that the Bruny Island was good. I still feel that I am sorry about my unlucky day on Boxing Day in 2017.