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Sacred Aboriginal territory, Arnhemland is one of the Northern Territory's secret highlights that few visit. The National park is great for a 1 day visit or coupled with an overnight tour in Kakadu. At Lost In Australia, you can find day trips out to this area along with 3 Kakadu safaris.

The Arnhem Land Region is one of the five regions of the Northern Territory of Australia.  Situated north-east 500 km from the territory capital Darwin, the region has an area of 97,000 km² and is right next to Kakadu National Park.Arnhemland is famous for its richness in Aboriginal culture and is one of the few remaining areas in Australia where the aboriginal way of life still holds strong.      Native Australian's have occupied this area for tens of thousands of years which is evident by the hundreds of artifacts and ancient communal areas found in the region. It is interestingly home to the worlds oldest stone axe which dates approximately 35,000 years old.

Arnhem Land is also well known for its traditional Aboriginal rock-art, some of which can be found at Ubirr Rock, Injalak Hill, and in the Canon Hill area. Some of these paintings depict the early years of European explorers and settlers including of axes, aircraft, ships and europeans. Other paintings explore more traditional life of the aboriginals along with mythology and law. 

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