New South Wales Tours

Home to Australia's political system, history, modern society and wine! New South Wales is a state of contrast; from the glamour of Sydney to the natural wonder of the Blue Mountains, travellers can find many things to spend their time on.

Many visitors come to New South Wales to enjoy its unspoilt beaches, national parks, shopping and nightlife. Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge or take the ferry past the Opera House to Manly. Do a day trip to the Hunter Valley vineyards or the romantic Blue Mountains. There is something for everyone.

New South Wales tours are great all year-round. The best time time to visit will match the activities you have planned. You can ski and snowboard in the high alpine country from June to September while November to March is best for a beach holiday.

New South Wales is one of Australia's south-eastern states, lying to the east of South Australia, to the south of Queensland and to the north of Victoria.  The state boasts a population of 6.7 million residents making it the country's most populous state. As the core territory of the first

British colony on the Australian continent which was settled in 1788, New South Wales is home to the country's oldest and largest city, the state capital of Sydney. New South Wales also encloses the Australian Capital Territory, the location of the Australian national capital of Canberra, in its south-east.

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