South Australia Tours

South Australia lures travellers from across the globe; Here you can find white sandy beaches teaming with wildlife, vibrant cultural festivals, amazing landscapes, small nestled country towns and some of the best wineries in the world.

Positioned sublimely between white sandy shore lines and forested valleys, Adelaide plays the state capital and central hub to this region. Here visitors often embark on overnight and day trips out to Kangaroo Island with its unchecked abundance in wildlife, Barossa valley to do some wine tasting or Flinders Rangers which are so commonly known for its rugged ridges and dramatic bluffs that stretch out towards the horizon line. Adelaide also plays an integral role as mid way point; From here you can journey north along the Stuart Highway to the great Australia outback where Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta National Park wait patiently in a sea of red sand. Journeying east you can travel across the great ocean road towards Melbourne. Or if you head west, you can experience the Nullabor Plain; A trip many visitors consider a pilgrimage.

From historic buildings to pristine islands, from red desert to lush forests, you’ll love South Australia’s rich heritage and spectacular natural attractions.

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