Coral Bay

A small fishing town on the coast of Western Australia, Coral Bay is one of natures finest examples of marine life. Coral Bay is a well known diving and snorkelling area with a huge variety of marine life ranging from coral to fish and is one of the bet places to see whale sharks and mantra rays. A tour to Coral Bay will leave you amazed.

Its also worth noting that this is a great place to witness the migration of humpback whales during the period between June and October.

Coral Bays history is short and sweet. The first Europeans to visit the area arrived onboard a schooner which landed on its beaches in 1884. It was shortly after in 1896 that a town had been established with a local jetty and storage facilities erected.

In 1915 the town was officially named "Mauds Landing". Its main role was to provide a depot for outgoing and incoming goods. 

Coral Bay was formally settled much later in 1968 and was named after a hotel that had been established in the area.

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