UFO's at Wyclifee Well

Wycliffe Well is one of the most famous Australian destinations for consistent sightings of extra-terrestrial activity. You can immerse yourself in an outer-worldly vibe at Wycliffe Well if you’re making the big trip up or down the Stuart Highway from Darwin to Adelaide. This little settlement is situated not far from the famous Devils Marbles in the Barkly Region, Northern Territory.

The ‘Welcome to Wycliffe Well’ sign says it all on arrival. While it’s a great place to top-up on all the basic supplies for your long journey, there’s a definite sense of something "alien" here the middle of the Red Centre.

Wycliffe Well is famously coined as a place where serious UFO enthusiasts from Australia and abroad have been coming for alien experiences since WWII. The vast desert region and flat 360-degree view certainly provides clarity and improves chances for viewing any airborne movement. This makes Wycliffe Well one of the top places for UFO spotting in the world.

Wycliffe Well is also big on beer. The lone restaurant places Wycliffe Well on the map for one of the most extensive beer lists in the Northern Territory. The town’s only accommodation, Wycliffe Well Caravan Park embraces UFOs with life-sized aliens peppered around the grassy campsite, so this will definitely gear you up for an evening of stargazing and a potential UFO moment.

Those familiar with the 1947 Roswell Incident in New Mexico, United States would definitely find Wycliffe Well an intriguing spot for UFO sightings. Early this year, researchers, activists, investigative journalists, political leaders and former members of military services met with the US Congress for the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. All citizens advocated that there is an extra-terrestrial presence and testified with objective evidence. The Hearing called for the US Government to disclose information regarding extra-terrestrial life to educate the masses. Not to mention, pilots in military and civilian aircraft have also testified on the UFO matter. Wycliffe Well’s UFO spotting of oddly shaped aircrafts and flashing lights could definitely provide supporting evidence to the US Congress.

One of the most astonishing encounters in Wycliffe Well is when an enormous craft was spotted hovering over a toilet block about 100m above ground. Another involves a brightly flashing spacecraft falling into a set of trees, and three alien figures appearing in plain sight.

Whether you’re an alien enthusiast or a curious individual, Wycliffe Well takes UFO sightings to a whole new level. This destination could be the next portal to extra-terrestrial communication.