Please note

  1. Acceptable entries will be from digital cameras and/or film cameras. Film scans are accepted in digital format.
  2. Photos taken with smart phones/instagram will not be accepted.
  3. All entries must be correctly labelled with the location each image/video was taken in.
  4. By submitting the photographs and/or videos (i) you are agreeing to license all rights in them to Lost in Australia for use in company brochures, promotions and advertising and (ii) warrant that you can grant those rights.
  5. Only 1 passenger per tour booking ( if part of a group booking ) is eligiable to partake in this activity.
  6. Assignments to photographers and videographers are only granted only after sample photos and equipment details are provided at our request.
  7. Photographers and videographer, if required for work, will be contacted by our team to confirm placement on tour.
  8. Lost In Australia reserves the right to refuse any photos and videos submitted and to cancel an assignment at anytime without payment or notice.

Payment conditions:

  1. Upon completion of assignment, we will ask travel photographers to provide appropriate bank details to receive their payment.
  2. Direct bank transfers generally take up to 4 business days.
  3. Payment will be made into the photographers bank account within 1 week of submission.
  4. Please contact and quote your name and the promo info provided at time of winning.
  5. Payment will not be transferred until images and videos have been uploaded and assessed.